eacy feed - Efficient and Intelligent Feeding

Efficient and intelligent feeding with eacy feed, the new generation vibratory bowl feeder.

- approximately  80 % energy  savings

- efficiency and worldwide application

- one design for all markets

- smart factory/Industry 4.0-capable

- top system reliability

- for manual applications

- for stationary applications

Our innovative feeding technology provides ideal specifications for the sustainable production of tomorrow: with over forty years of experience & 35,000 feeders produced; DEPRAG is your one single source for quality, technical cleanliness, modular design & Industry 4.0 capability.DEPRAG Feeding technology is the optimal process for your application:


- streamlining your assembly

- optimizing the assembly process

- increase your output

- ergonomic and comfortable to handle by the operator

- simple startup procedure

Vibratory bowl feeders with their high output, sword feeders with their gentle handling of coated screws, tape-on-reel feeders for the placement of self-adhesive components are some of the examples from the standard line of our feeding technology.

Our standard product assortment excels through the durable industrial quality and the highly reliable. We only use high-alloyed and heat-treated steels for all critical components. To assure the technically optimized and economical feeding of your components, DEPRAG carries out a comprehensive duration test that uses your components and simulates your production parameter, before delivery.

Our application experts will gladly identify the best suitable feeding technology for your application and advise you in regards to the required technical specifications of your components to be transported; including the feed criteria of your components to be transported, the advantage or disadvantage of the different feed principles, the selection of a single- or multiple feed process and the determination of fixtures or screwdriver-attachments that will fit your space conditions.




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