Screw Presenter

Screw Presenter

Screw Presenter – an economical way to add feeding to your production process!

You are looking for a suitable feeding technology to automate your assembly process, but an automatic screw feeder is not feasible due to the low number of screw joints to be processed. For such a situation the DEPRAG screw presenter makes for an ideal solution.

Screw presenters are well-suited to the automatic presentation of screws, for pick-up with either handheld or fixtured screwdrivers.

Screw Presenter Advantages

  • Flexible – Easily exchangeable parts, such as adjustable cover-rails and bit-guides, allow the processing of screws with different measurements in the same screw presenter. That means the device can be converted with just a few steps. Even screws with unfavorable dimensions which cannot be transported through a feed hose can be presented with a screw presenter.
  • User-friendly – For use in a handheld application, a special feed-rail allows a precise and swift pick-up of the presented screw by either a magnetic bit or by vacuum.
  • Gentle transport of screws – The transport of screws occurs by two lift-segments in the screw reservoir. The screws first fall on top of a vibrating guiderail, are accurately positioned by a brush, and then are subsequently transported out of the reservoir. The procedure is especially gentle and quiet.
  • Stand-alone operation – The device is fully self-sufficient because of the integrated control. The sequence controller regulates the supply of screws via a light-barrier and micro-switch.
  • Compact design – Due to their compact footprint, multiple DEPRAG screw presenters can be arranged efficiently within a limited workspace.

Screw Presenters for Handheld Screwdrivers

for the processing of screws with a shaft diameter of 1mm to 5mm and a shaft length of up to 25 mm.

The pick-up of the screw is done via a magnetic bit or vacuum suction. An operator can comfortably pick up the screw with a forward motion.

DEPRAG Screw Presenter Catalog – D3840

Screw Presenters for Fixtured Screwdrivers

for the processing of screws with a shaft diameter of 1.4mm to 5mm and a shaft length of up to 18mm. This screw presenter is especially well suited for countersunk screws.

A screw separator sorts and presents each individual screw at a pick-up position. The screw is removed using an upwards motion. A signal output allows the control of the pickup position by a host controller.

DEPRAG Screw Presenter Catalog – D3840

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