Tape-on-Reel Feeder

Tape-on-Reel-Feeder System

DEPRAG Tape-on-Reel Feeder - for the feeding of ultra-thin components!

The tape-on-reel feeder holds a special place within DEPRAG’s feeding technology portfolio, as it is specifically designed for the process-reliable and position-accurate delivery of adhesive components supplied on reels. This type of feeding system enables an automated assembly process to incorporate both single-sided and double-sided adhesive components which are frequently used as sealant.

Method of Operation

The tape-on-reel feeder is first loaded with a reel, which is placed onto a reel-receiver. The peel-off carriage pulls the reel tape forward until the next component is in the pick-up position. As soon as a sensor has indicated that a component is at the part-handling (such as a vacuum gripper) signals ready, the slide moves back to expose the cutter-edge and the reel-tape is rolled up by a wrapping-device. The component is loosened from the reel-tape and is ready to be processed by the part-handling feature. After the part-handling such as reel-tape is rolled up by a wrapping-device.

Position-Accurate Delivery

By using a combination of highly precise sensors and a rapid tape-locking device, our tape-on-reel feeders can repeatably achieve the position-accurate delivery of components.

User-friendly Functionality

The simple adjustment of the detach-position in height and X-axis, the quick unlock-feature of the roller-drives, a tape presence control, as well as the easy access to all important components, are key features of the DEPRAG tape-on-reel feeders. When using this feeding system in connection with a single or multi-axis DEPRAG DCAM = DEPRAG compact assembly module, an extremely efficient and compact turnkey system emerges for the placement of components.

Tape-on-Reel Feeder

For handheld applications:

  • Enables the assembly of both single-sided and double-sided adhesive components
  • Feed rate: approx. 20-mm /second
  • Band Width: 18-80 mm
  • Tape Width:
  • Tape Diameter: max. 400 mm
  • Core Diameter: min.76 mm

DEPRAG Tape-on-Reel Feeder Catalog - D3870

DEPRAG Tape-on-Reel Feeder Catalog - D3870

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