Vibratory Bowl Feeder

Vibratory Bowl Feeder

DEPRAG Bowl Feeders - for both handheld and fixtured applications!

Under the umbrella of feeding technology, vibratory bowls represent one of the more common approaches to feeding screws. For handheld applications, DEPRAG feeders with a vibratory drive are appropriate for use across a wide variety of screw sizes, from smaller than M1 all the way up to M8. Moreover, shaft lengths of 5mm to 50mm can be processed. For countersunk screws especially, vibratory bowl feeders offer a functional solution. The high output of DEPRAG vibratory bowl feeders distinguishes them from other feeding systems.

When used in conjunction with fixtured screwdrivers, the array of possible screw sizes which can be accommodated is even larger, extending to M20 and shaft lengths up to 130mm.

The innovative feeder eacy feed provides ideal specifications for the sustainable production of tomorrow. With its approximate 80% power savings relative to older feeder technology, it is extremely energy efficient. In addition, the smart eacy feed is particularly suitable for the challenges of smart factory/Industry 4.0. eacy feed is available in four fill sizes: 0.15L, 0.75L, 1.2L and 2.5L, in both single- and double-spiral designs.

Vibratory Bowl Feeder Advantages

  • Energy-efficient – eacy feed technology allows for low power consumption
  • User-friendly – clear and easy operation via controller
  • Perfect vibration intensity – on-board sensor ensures stable output, independent of fill level

For handheld assembly applications, eacy feed offers flexible and efficient solutions along with top quality DEPRAG screwdrivers.

DEPRAG Feeding Systems – Handheld Tools – Catalog D3820

For fixtured screwdriving applications, vibratory bowl feeders are available for screw sizes up to M20 and shaft lengths up to 130mm.

DEPRAG Feeding Systems – Fixtured Tools – Catalog D3830

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