Pick-and-Place Method

Screwdriving Technology

Pick-and-Place Feeder – perfect for fasteners with complex geometries!

Screws with a very short shaft, rivets with a wide shaft-diameter and parts with complex external geometries have one thing in common: feeding through a feedhose is often not possible. Among feeding technology options, the pick-and-place method offers an alternative solution if the feedability criterion α is <30° (see diagram above).

Pick-and-Place Method

For handheld tools, the fastener is picked-up by vacuum suction or by a magnetic bit. The refill signal for the supply of the next component is generated by a pick-up control that is integrated into the cover. After removal of a component, the next component is automatically presented for pick-up.

For fixtured screwdriving applications, a vacuum pick-up technology or gripper-handling is used. The pick-up and reloading is controlled by PLC sensor supervision.

Pick-and-Place Feeder Advantages

  • Accommodation of Complex Fastener Geometries – Fasteners with geometries which do not lend themselves to blow-feeding are candidates for pick-and-place feeding. This includes screws where the head diameter and shaft length are comparable.
  • Process-reliable Part Positioning – With the Pick-and-Place method, parts cannot only be directed to the station in true-position, but they are also securely presented to the assembly. A screw is ready for pick-up, with its shaft completely recessed in the bore. The engagement of the bit with the screw drive is simplified, a tumbling of the screw is eliminated, and the bit wear is reduced.
  • Simple Start-up Procedure – Prior to delivery of your feeder, we carry out an endurance test that simulates your workflow during series production. Each Pick-and-Place device is delivered with a comprehensive documentation that clearly indicates the start-up procedure and operation of the feeder.

Pick-and-Place Method for Handheld Use

Standardized solution for parts up to max 14mm OD

DEPRAG Handheld Feeding Systems Catalog - D3820

Pick-and-Place Method for Fixtured Use

Standardized solutions for parts up to max. 25 mm OD

DEPRAG Fixtured Feeding Systems Catalog - D3830

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