Press-Insertion System

Press-Insertion System

Press-Insertion System – for a variety of inserts!

DEPRAG's press-insertion system can be used wherever inserts of numerous kinds must be applied by hand or machine, including rivets, pins, sleeves, and balls. Moreover, this system is designed for use with an appropriate choice of feeding technology, such as a vibratory bowl feeder.

For example, a pin-insertion system would consist of:

  • a feeding system (vibratory or sword feeder)
  • a handheld or fixtured press-insertion tool
  • a maintenance unit
  • an electronic control unit

The feeder requires a suitable nosepiece, whether ball-type or split-type, which is adapted to fit both the fastener and the specific application.

Press-Insertion Devices for Handheld Applications

DEPRAG press-insertion devices for handheld applications excel through both the ergonomic form of the handle as well as the high efficiency made possible through use of automatic feeding.

Two different basic designs are available:

  • Model EDG with one insertion stroke

In this instance an operator fully guides the down-stroke of the insertion tool. The down-pressure applied by the operator assists the pin insertion.

  • Model EDGZ with one insertion stroke and an additional locking stroke

A cylinder integrated into the insertion-tool activates the locking-stroke. The insertion-lock assures a firm overhang of the fastener from the nosepiece, whether ball- or split-type. An involuntary push-back of the insert is thus eliminated. The operator only performs a short stroke, which is necessary for the actual press-insertion.

Examples of actual solutions with a handheld tool include:

  • Press-insertion of grooved pins to hold seat covers to a child’s car seat
  • Assembly of rubber feet to the bottom of a telephone housing
  • Installation of contact pins into cell phone shells
  • Insertion of steel rivets, to allow riveting at a later time
  • Pre-assembly of safety rivets into miniature trains
  • Insertion of expansion rivets to attach a PCB to a housing frame

Press-Insertion Devices for Fixtured Applications

For fixtured applications the supply- and insertion-movement is done by a cylinder. The use of sensors allows a multitude of application possibilities for many different types of inserts. In addition to symmetrical parts such as rivets, pins, sleeves, and balls, the fixtured insertion system can also process asymmetrical parts.

Press-Insertion Systems

For handheld applications:

  • for rivets and pins from 1 - 8 mm shaft-diameter and a max. length up to 35 mm
  • for balls up to 12 mm diameter

For fixtured applications:

  • customer-specific solutions

DEPRAG Press-Insertion Systems Catalog - D3821

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