Screwdriving Technology

Screwdriving Technology

Screwdriving Technology – for today’s modern assembly environment!

DEPRAG's broad portfolio of screwdrivers and accessories provides manufacturers with some of the finest assembly tools available, across a vast torque range. Whether pneumatic or electronic, handheld or fixtured, all DEPRAG screwdrivers are characterized by both high quality and exceptional torque accuracy.

Our products are equally at home in almost any modern assembly environment, be it automotive, medical, aerospace, or industrial. With representation in more than 50 countries, DEPRAG is able to support these production sites almost anywhere in the world.

Factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate screwdriving system for the application at hand are the applicable torque requirements as well as the type of documentation or data output required. If no resulting torque value is needed, a pneumatic handheld driver or pneumatic spindle could provide an economical solution. If on the other hand resulting torque values must be recorded, for instance for quality assurance purposes, this will necessitate an electronic screwdriver system, be it handheld or fixtured.

Automatic Screwdrivers

Our comprehensive product line includes screwdrivers:

  • for handheld applications or for fixtured use in automation equipment
  • with electronic or pneumatic drive
  • with a torque range from 8 Nmm (1.14 in-oz) to 500 Nm (4,425 in-lb)
  • with various design executions to accommodate different application scenarios

Sequence Controllers

In addition to the screwdriver itself, the sequence controller serves as an essential component of an electronic screwdriving system. Using the given parameters of the screwdriving program, the controller controls the EC-drive of the screwdriver, evaluates signals from sensors, and provides all necessary operator and documentation functions.

  • Noteworthy for their compact size, the AST5 and AST6 controllers are intended for use in low-torque applications.
  • A workhorse among DEPRAG controllers, the AST11 is suitable for use with either handheld screwdrivers or fixtured spindles.
  • Capable of servicing both small and large torque applications, the AST40 can also run DEPRAG’s Clamp Force Control software, for ensuring a consistent pre-load (clamping) force.

Flow Form (ADFS)

The adaptive assembly unit ADAPTIVE DFS combines EC-Servo screwdriving technology with EC-Servo stroke technology to create a formidable tool for lightweighting, or other applications where dissimilar materials need to be joined. For instance, fasten:

  • steel to steel
  • steel to aluminum
  • or even sheet metal to carbon fiber!

Measuring Technology

To ensure the integrity of your production process, we offer a wide range of torque and angle measurement instruments that are suitable for many different tasks, such as:

  • analyzing an individual screw joint
  • verifying torque/angle values
  • monitoring the assembly process
  • documenting the screwdriving results
  • monitoring, adjusting and crosschecking screwdrivers
  • calibration service at DEPRAG’s US-based facility


A comprehensive line of accessories completes our product portfolio, including:

  • assembly components for system integrators
  • tool balancers
  • Position Control Stand (PKS), to help ensure an error-free fastening process
  • robust stands for the ergonomic, process-reliable guidance of screwdriving tools
  • insertion tools of all kinds, such as bits and sockets

Individual Solutions

We offer customized solutions that are tailored perfectly to fit almost any application. Please click on the info button below to provide us with information on your own application!

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