Feed Module (DFM)

Feed Module (DFM)

DEPRAG Feed Module (DFM) – for special assembly tasks!

Intended for use with an appropriate choice of feeding technology, the DEPRAG Feed Module (DFM) employs vacuum assistance to enable fasteners to be driven at hard-to-reach screw joints (e.g., round housing forms).

Screws or nuts can be positioned mechanically and are secured via vacuum suction. The operator can therefore access even hard-to-reach screw positions with little difficulty. Independent of the operator, the integrated stroke-mechanics uses cylinders to control the precise application pressure required for the fastener.

DEPRAG's DFM represents an ideal solution for the following:

  • recessed screw positions
  • nut assemblies
  • when pressure control is required (to prevent damage to parts)

As an option, a rotating hand grip is available for components which require differing jaw-openings at the nosepiece.

An LED status display (red/green) on the hand grip provides direct status feedback in the operator's line-of-sight.

A clamping cartridge for all DEPRAG stands and gantries ensures ease of operation without annoying pressure reaction force.

Programmable pressure control is available for screwdriving tasks with differing pressure requirements during a single assembly task.

The DEPRAG Feed Module can be combined with an EC-Servo, MINIMAT-EC, or pneumatic screwdriver with mechanical shut-off clutch, a DEPRAG feeding system, linear stand, position control stand, linear gantry, and position control gantry.

Application Possibilities

Recessed Screw Position

Nut Assemblies

Pressure Control Applications

DEPRAG Feed Module (DFM)

DEPRAG Feed Module Catalog - D3837

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