Sword Feeder

Sword Feeder

Sword Feeders - for gentle fastener feeding!

Sword feeders, also known as segment feeders, are a viable alternative to the vibratory bowl feeder if extremely gentle fastener feeding is required. A valuable component within DEPRAG’s feeding technology portfolio, sword (segment) feeders are available in two designs, with 0.15L and 1.5L fill volumes. Sword (segment) feeders are available in two designs, with 0.15L or 1.5L fill volumes.

A brushless electric motor, controlled by the smart energy-efficient PFC100 controller, is used to drive the feed plates. The controller also regulates conveyor speed, supporting the gentle feeding of parts.

Sword Feeder Advantages

  • Position-accurate Sorting – Fasteners that are not positioned correctly as they slide toward the feed rail are directed back into the reservoir by mechanical deflectors.
  • Self-regulating – A sensor in the feed rail regulates the number of swing movements required to keep up with the feeder’s fastener output.
  • Low Noise Level – Due to the design and method of operation, segment feeders are inherently quiet in comparison to other feeding technologies which require vibration to convey material.
  • Simplified Start-up – Prior to delivery of your feeder, we carry out an endurance test that simulates your workflow during series production. Each device is delivered with comprehensive documentation that clearly indicates the start-up and operation of the feeder.

Sword (Segment) Feeder

Sword (segment) feeders can be used with either handheld or fixtured screwdrivers and are available in two designs, with 0.15L or 1.5L fill volumes.

DEPRAG Feeding Systems - Handheld Tools - Catalog D3820

DEPRAG Feeding Systems - Fixtured Tools - Catalog D3830

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