Green Energy Turbine

Green Energy Turbine

Green Energy Turbine – GET…the future!

The GET turbine generator is an innovation that pays you back!

The GET Green Energy Turbine can recover even small residual energy from 1 to 120 kW and turn the recovered energy back into income!

There are a variety of different approaches being taken in the fight against global warming. The use of renewable energy is one, and the recovery of waste energy found in a multitude of industrial processes is yet another.

Although energy recovery from process gases is not a new concept, what is novel in DEPRAG’s development is the use of a small, compact, and decentralized energy recovery unit.

This unit, consisting of an expansion turbine and generator, is the optimal decentralized energy recovery system for power ranges between 1 kW and 120 kW. The small, robust, and compact turbine generator – not much larger than a shoebox – can be installed decentrally almost anywhere small amounts of residual energy have previously been left unused after industrial processing. The innovative technology can be implemented in various applications to convert process gas or utilize waste heat.

In its function, DEPRAG’s Green Energy Turbine is a turbomachine which can be used single-stage axially or radially. A gas expands in the jets and undergoes powerful acceleration. Once it meets the turbine blading and is redirected, it yields its kinetic energy.

The Green Energy Turbine can be employed in a whole host of applications, including those shown below:

Energy Recovery in Smelting Plants

In the smelting of metals, for example, the melting tanks are cooled by compressed air. The compressed air flows through cooling channels and absorbs heat. Typically, it is then released into the atmosphere without being used. With the new turbine generator, the compressed air, a waste product, can be reused profitably: The energy absorbed through heat transfer can be converted into electricity by the micro-expansion turbine and the integrated generator, then fed into the power grid.

Energy Recovery in Biogas Plants

DEPRAG technology now enables energy recovery in smaller plants. To further increase biogas plants' efficiency, methane can be fed into the natural gas network, and energy can be stored or transported. A large part of biogas is methane and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the feed-in prerequisite is that the carbon dioxide must be removed from the biogas; this usually occurs at processing plants where carbon dioxide is present at the end-stage at relatively high pressure and temperature levels. A large amount of energy contained is recoverable by using our Green Energy Turbine.

Energy Recovery in Natural Gas Pipelines

Natural gas is pumped from the producing countries in some cases over thousands of miles to get to the consumer. The pipeline's pressure must be decreased to feed the natural gas into these regional networks, and the gas expanded. The domestic public services also reduce the gas pressure once more before the natural gas arrives in private households. The transformation of strains in the gas lines means that valuable energy is wasted within the gas grid. The DEPRAG Green Energy Turbine generator converts this energy into electricity, cost-effectively, and without a large outlay.

DEPRAG Green Energy Turbine Catalog – D6100

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