Assembly Automation Solutions - for new heights in efficiency!

DEPRAG offers a full spectrum of automation solutions, from fully automatic assembly lines and semi-automatic assembly cells to intelligent manual workstations and automation components.  Our global installed base includes customers in virtually any industry, including those in automotive, telecommunications, electronics, appliance, and medical device industries.  We are encouraged by the fact that we help manufacturers compete more effectively in the marketplace, allowing them to increase productivity, flexibility, and quality.

Screwdriving and Assembly Systems


Assembly and screwdriving systems for unsurpassed assembly processes. 

Standardized Assembly Systems

Compact and space-saving in the well-known DEPRAG design – the attractive DCAM exhibits high functionality and our customary reliability. The customer benefits from our established technology with well-designed standard components. Moreover, the modular platform concept means it is well suited to accommodate a wide variety of assembly and production tasks.

DEPRAG Compact Assembly Module Catalog - D3370

Intelligent Manual Workstations

Intelligent Manual Workstations combine manual operation with process reliability, with a resulting accuracy comparable to automatic production. DEPRAG offers a comprehensive assortment of finished standard solutions, ensuring that the manual workstation operates reliably, economically, and ergonomically. These proven kit-modules allow for operator flexibility without loss in product quality.

An intelligent manual workstation could incorporate the following elements:

  • ergonomic workstation with workbench
  • part fixture with integrated sensors to supervise the correct sequence of part-loading
  • screwdriving "mask" or template with down-hold function for gentle part handling
  • Screwdriver adapted to the specific application; the torque, angle, speed, stand-by, and turn-direction are freely programmable
  • DEPRAG Cockpit, the new digital service facilitating a friendly introduction to the interconnected factory & industry 4.0.
  • Position Control Stand (PKS), to assure the correct screw joint sequence

Intelligent Manual Workstation Catalog - D0058

Ergonomic Tool Handling Catalog - D3345

Machine-Building Components

In most assembly machines the individual components determine the efficiency, up-time, and consequently, the ROI. As experienced machine-building experts, DEPRAG offers many proven, standardized individual components for system integrators. At the forefront is likely DEPRAG’s Screwdriving Function Module, or SFM. These robust, well-designed modules allow for easy integration into a larger machine, and they can be customized to the specific application at hand.


DEPRAG's E-SFM is a screwdriving construction unit with electronic stoke. By replacing the conventional pneumatic actuator with an electrically adjustable linear slide, a new degree of control is now possible as regards pressure, speed, and position. Moreover, due to its low weight, the E-SFM is suitable for use on robots with relatively low payload capacity.

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