Pneumatic Handheld Screwdrivers

Pneumatic Handheld Screwdrivers

Pneumatic Handheld Screwdrivers - robust, accurate, and fast!

Among DEPRAG’s lineup of handheld screwdrivers, the pneumatic screwdrivers hold a particular place given the many decades of experience the company has garnered with them. These models collectively cover a particularly large torque range, and the high power density of the tool's air motor allows for a lightweight, compact design. Moreover, our screwdrivers are extremely handy due to their slender, ergonomic design.

It's specially designed, high precision shut-off clutch allows torque repeatability of less than 3% standard deviation.

When used under the proper conditions, DEPRAG pneumatic screwdrivers with shut-off clutch conform to a Cmk value of ≥1.67 with a tolerance requirement of 15% in relation to six sigma, according to ISO 5393. To put this in perspective, a Cmk value of 1.67 equates to a failure rate of only 0.6 per million screw assemblies.

With an eye toward industrial use, the screwdriving technology offers different screwdriver's design as well as its high construction quality both work to guarantee high uptime and a very long lifespan.

NANOMAT Screwdrivers

DEPRAG's NANOMAT screwdriver is intended for extremely small torque values of 8 Nmm to 300 Nmm, at speeds of 450 to 2000 rpm. Particularly suited for use in optics, watchmaking, and medical applications, this compact driver can also be effectively used in the assembly of small consumer electronics components and for model making.

MICROMAT Screwdrivers

At DEPRAG our MICROMAT screwdrivers are the basic solution for nearly all screwdriving tasks in the range of 2 Ncm (3 in-oz) to 70 Ncm (6.2 in-lb). This skinny screwdriver, not much larger than a ballpoint pen, is designed for use in rugged industrial areas where it can help assure high uptime. The special clutch design is capable of extremely high torque accuracy, in many cases less than 3% of standard deviation.

MINIMAT Screwdrivers

The MINIMAT series provides the basic solution for nearly all screwdriving tasks within a broad torque range of 0.2 Nm to 65 Nm. This versatile tool is suitable for use in a multitude of applications, and the special clutch design enables exceptional torque accuracy. In many cases this is ≤ 3% of standard deviation, kept constant over millions of cycles.


DEPRAG's MICROMAT-F / MINIMAT-F screwdrivers allow for additional pneumatic function control. If an error occurs, the controller fc20 disables the connected screwdriver, and the assembly process can then only be restarted if the previous task was completed properly. The correct number of tightened screws per assembly can also be monitored.

SENSOMAT Screwdrivers

The SENSOMAT series incorporates a special controlled clutch function for screw joints requiring higher driving torque than seating torque. Ideal for thread-tapping, thread-cutting, or self-drilling fasteners, the SENSOMAT first tightens the screw at full motor power, then engages the shut-off clutch only shortly before the screwhead bottoms out.

Handheld Screwdrivers for Automatic Feeding

Nearly every screwdriver of the MICROMAT/MINIMAT series as well as the ERGOMAT and SENSOMAT series can be combined with DEPRAG's screw feeding systems.

Handheld Screwdrivers for Special Applications

DEPRAG's product portfolio includes Handheld Screwdrivers for Special Applications, such as impulse and impact drivers, the VARIOMAT for wood applications (drilling and screwdriving with one tool), a RECYCLING screwdriver, and even a slip-clutch screwdriver.

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