Measuring Technology

Measuring Technology

Torque Measurement – for handheld and fixtured screwdriving applications!

Torque Measuring Instruments and Instrumentation

Torque measurement represents an important part of DEPRAG’s overall screwdriving technology portfolio, as this equipment can help ensure the integrity of a production process. To this end, DEPRAG offers a wide range of torque and angle measurement instruments that are suitable for many different tasks:

  • analyze individual screw joints
  • verify torque and angle values
  • monitor the assembly process
  • document screwdriving results
  • monitor, adjust and crosscheck a facility’s screwdrivers

DEPRAG also offers calibration services at our office in Texas for a large number of screwdriver types.

Measuring Instruments

  • External rotary, non-contact transducer for measuring torque directly on the product, in order to monitor the screwdriving process
  • Torque wrenches or measuring platform for the periodic crosschecking of a screwdriver
  • Torque measuring instruments for manual applications
  • Torque measuring instruments for stationary applications

Torque Transducers

Highly accurate acquisition of torque values with:

  • transducer (DMS, non-contact): in-process monitoring directly on the product
  • E-torque wrench for periodic crosschecking of your screwdriver, or for torque verification of already assembled connections
  • measuring platforms for performing periodic monitoring in a measuring laboratory or your mobile calibration cart

Torque Transducer Catalog - D3020  

Torque Measuring Instruments for Handheld and Fixtured Applications

Mobile and universally applicable measuring instruments:

  • for the measurement of torque values directly at the assembly workstation, regardless of location
  • for connection to a PC in a stationary laboratory environment
  • for the verification and adjustment of screwdrivers at a fixed location with a mobile measuring cart or in a calibration laboratory
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