Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

DEPRAG Fixtured Spindles - the obvious choice for assembly automation!

It’s best to play it safe! DEPRAG fixtured spindles represent the obvious choice for assembly automation and are a key component of DEPRAG’s automatic screwdrivers portfolio. The achievement of zero-reject production rates has a high priority in almost every industrial assembly process. Product recalls due to defective screw joints are to be avoided at all costs. The potential liability and loss of brand image that can ensue are true concerns in a variety of industries.

Selection of the proper fastening tool for industrial mass production is the cornerstone of achieving a high-quality, zero-reject production system. It is best to play it safe!

Our application engineers will help you select just the right assembly tool and can also advise on the configuration of the complete system. Our calibration laboratory can further support the process by performing a screw-joint analysis, in which the customer is guided in its selection of suitable screwdriving parameters and assembly solutions.

Electronic Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

The screwdriver spindles for the highest demands on processing reliability and flexibility!

High processing reliability is made possible through comprehensive analysis possibilities and documentation capability. Moreover, flexible programming turns these electronic fixtured spindles into versatile machine components.

Pneumatic Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

A great go-to tool for a whole host of industrial fastening applications. The pneumatic fixtured spindle excels through its combination of outstanding robustness and very high torque accuracy.

Electric Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

DEPRAG fixtured spindles with electric drive stand out due to their ease of integration and use of a robust mechanical shut-off clutch.

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