Handheld Screwdrivers for Special Applications

Handheld Screwdrivers for Special Applications

Standard Solutions - for extraordinary screwdriving tasks!

Standard DEPRAG tool solutions for extraordinary screwdriving tasks

Through decades of experience, our handheld pneumatic screwdrivers for special applications have been developed and tested to fit individual customer applications.

Our product portfolio offers a versatile selection of ergonomic and economical standard solutions for out-the-ordinary screwdriving tasks (see below):

Impulse Screwdriver with Automatic Shut-Off

The low-vibration impulse screwdriver allows the fast tightening of fasteners without any tangible torque reaction.

The impulse tool is a similar design to an impact driver, however with integrated hydraulic impulse unit.

Impact Screwdriver

Our impact driver – the traditional tool for a fast, low-reaction-force assembly – assures nearly fatigue-proof tightening and loosening of larger fasteners, size M6 to M36.

MINIMAT-T Screwdriver

The depth-stop screwdriver with precise shut-off at a preset screw-depth. The ideal screwdriver for applications such as those found in the wood and plaster industries.

VARIMAT Screwdriver

The flexible VARIOMAT screwdriver, which was specially designed for the wood processing industry, is able to both drill holes and drive screws.

RECYCLING Screwdriver

The RECYCLING screwdriver is a specially designed tool for repair and recycling operations, where the loosening of multiple screws types is required. This is often the case, for instance, in electronics recycling operations.

Flat Head Wrenches

The solution for limited space conditions and screw sizes from M3 to M18.

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