NANOMAT Screwdrivers

NANOMAT Screwdrivers

DEPRAG NANOMAT - the choice for extremely small screws!

An important part of DEPRAG's pneumatic handheld tool portfolio, the NANOMAT series can achieve extremely small torque values of 8 Nmm to 300 Nmm, at speeds of 450 to 2,000 rpm.

NANOMAT drivers represent ideal solutions for micro assemblies in the medical, watchmaking, and optics industries, as well as in the production of small consumer electronics and components.

The NANOMAT's many advantages include:

  • Highly accurate shut-off clutch
    Capable of achieving a Cmk value ≥1.67 with a tolerance requirement of 15%, in relation to six sigma (according to ISO 5393).
  • Standardized, extremely slender design
  • Ergonomic housing design
    For a sensitive and precise guidance of the screwdriver
  • Integrated quick-change chuck
    Enabling fast and simple bit-changes
  • Compatibility with a DEPRAG screw feeder
    For the ergonomic handling of the smallest fasteners
  • ESD-execution available
    For the dissipation of electrostatic charge
  • Drive size designed to accept standard bits
    The use of standard bits offers advantages in both cost-savings and availability
  • Clutch can be adjusted externally
    The torque can be adjusted quickly without the need for special tools.
  • Allows screw-suction via integrated vacuum port
    There are no interfering vacuum-hoses in the housing area.

DEPRAG Pneumatic Handheld NANOMAT-Screwdrivers Catalog - D3415

Design execution: Straight
Torque range: 8 Nmm – 300 Nmm
Speed: 450 to 2000 prm

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