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To select a suitable software package for your equipment, please browse the catalog by selecting the view catalog button. Once you have chosen an appropriate software package, click the “software solutions” button to place an order.

Sequence Controllers

AST5, AST6, AST11, AST40

Sequence Controllers

AST30, AST31


Cordless Screwdriver


Digital Electric Screwdriver, stationary




Position Control Stand

DEPRAG Automation

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Software Updates

We recommend updating your software regularly so that you always have the most up-to-date drivers, enhanced features and security updates.

Protect your device from any possible threats or security issues by installing the most up-to-date software versions.

Process for a software update

1. If your controller is connected to the Internet, you will receive a message via the controller’s website that there is an update available. Click on that message for more detailed information regarding the update. The next step is to place the order for the update.

2. If your controller is not connected to the Internet, you may check the availability of updates here:


Of course, you may contact us directly if you have any questions concerning the availability of updates or about the update itself. We will send you the download link for the update along with the invoice. The update can then simply be installed on your controller. This process is very quick, and your controller is ready for operation after just a few minutes.