AST40 Sequence Controller

AST40 Sequence Controller

DEPRAG AST40 - for the MINIMAT-EC Servo screwdriving series!

High Power Density

- high performance within a small footprint
- 50 Nm with a screwdriver diameter of only 36 mm

High Shut-Off Accuracy

- sensitive to threaded fastener joints with the highest standards of precision and repeatability
- Cmk value >1.67 at a tolerance of ± 7%


- freely programmable
- multi-step fastening sequences
- optional Clamp Force Control software allows consistent application of pre-load (clamping) force even when faced with fluctuating driving torque

Noise Immunity

- through the use of digital signal transmission
- potential distance driver – controller < 30m

Comprehensive Documentation Options

- internal storage for an unlimited number of assembly results over a 7-day period
- communication via PC, IPS or PLC

System Diagnostics

- protocol function to upload all system data via USB

Extensive Integration and Control Options

- 3 different fieldbus interface ports; expandable
- discreet I/O interface for the selection of up to 120 screwdriver programs
- integrated 7" TFT touch display panel
- simple programming and operation via built in web server
- http-port
- 13 languages in standard format

This product works well with our MINIMAT-EC Servo Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers.

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Sequence Controller AST40

Torque range: from 0.2 Nm - 500 Nm

DEPRAG AST40 Sequence Controller Catalog - D3161

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