Air Motors

Customized drive solutions.
Explosion-proof     Durable     Easy to maintain     Made from stainless steel     Compact     Sterilizable
Airmotors are safe and robust drive systems, which are used in areas where an overload-safe and powerful drive is needed, especially in such areas where conventional drive technology cannot continue to rotate.
According to the individual application, airmotors need to be oil-free, sealed, and insensitive to cleaning solvent especially for the food industry. Medical motors need to be sterilizable and pneumatic motors for specialized applications such as our drainage-milling robot and our ATEX-compliant total systems – including airmotor, brake and gearing, are ready to be used in explosion hazardous environments.
We select for you the most economical and the safest drive solution that best fits your application, no matter if the solution is an airmotor from our catalog program or if it is a complex customized system.


Air Motor Products

Standard solutions at an attractive cost-benefit ratio
  • Patented Vane-Exchange Feature
  • Highly durable
  • ATEX-compliant
  • Short delivery times
  • Flexible material options

Our powerful pneumatic motors offer interesting alternatives for drive- and control tasks for all industry areas.

DEPRAG also offers customized airmotors for individual applications; those airmotors are based on a modular construction system and a comprehensive standard catalog:


The cost effective airmotors made for the use in uncomplicated production areas.

Additional Advantage: Save production time because of our patented Vane-Exchange Feature! Power Range: 200 W - 1,2 kW

Your Advantage:
  • ATEX certified
  • Patented Vane-Exchange Feature
  • Large speed range
  • Reversible
  • Robust design


DEPRAG's broad selection of stainless steel airmotors is known as the Advanced Line. They are sealed, oil-free operable, noncorrosive pneumatic motors. Power Range: 20 W - 1.2 kW

Your Advantage:
  • ATEX certified
  • Rustproof
  • Sealed
  • Reversible
  • Available with integrated holding brake
  • High power-output at the smallest possible installation area


The Power Line airmotors range of high-power bracket and flange motors is extremely versatile. The high start-torque at an unmatched low weight, the robust and reliable design are the major advantages of this motor series, when compared to any electric motor. Power Range: 1.6 - 18 kW

Your Advantage:
  • ATEX certified
  • Powerful
  • High start-torque
  • Low weight
  • Robust, reliable design
  • Durable


The cost efficient and customized pneumatic motor can be derived from our modular construction system, be based on a customer-specific product or on a totally customized solution.

Your Advantage:
  • Attractive price-performance ratio

Drilling Motors, Milling Motors, Grinding Motors

Drilling Motor:

Our powerful drill spindles feature a slender design that allows for the smallest installation hole pattern in multi-spindle units, as needed in the window- and door industries.

Milling Motor:

Our durable milling motors are especially well-suited for robotic applications; they require only minimum installation space but offer a high power-output even at high speeds.

Grinding Motor:

Our grinding motors offer the advantages of the reliable, handheld DEPRAG grinders, however in a stationary execution for a direct machine installation. The robust steel housing guarantees high accuracy and operational reliability.

Airmotors with integrated holding brake

A cost effective total solution:

Benefit by using our standard program of pneumatic motors that feature an integrated brake-module. For the design series 67 and 68 from 200 W - 3,6 kW

Your Advantage:
  • Brakes provide the effective hold of a large flywheel mass
  • Automatic braking when air-pressure drops
  • Output spindle is held to a constant position without using an external air supply
Efficient drive technology from DEPRAG
  • Oilfree operation
  • Optimum power-to-weight ratio
  • Powerful
  • Suitable for continuous operation
With our turbines we offer energy-efficient, continuous operating, high-speed drives that guarantees low air consumption with an optimal power to weight ratio.
A gas expansion turbine for your specific application is flow-optimal designed and calculated, constructed and individually manufactured.
  • Medium (type of gas)
  • Inlet/outlet pressure
  • Inlet temperature
  • Mass flow or desired power output
  • Speed, turn-direction
  • Material request
  • Mounting preference
Customized drive solutions from DEPRAG
  • Oilfree operation
  • High speed
  • No wear parts
  • Low noise level
  • Suitable for continuous operation
Our gear motors offer a custom-designed solution for your individual application.