DEPRAG Software – for the automated factory of tomorrow!

DEPRAG understands that the modern factory is increasingly driven not just by efficient production methods and tools, but by software as well. More and more tools on the manufacturing floor are not simply electric but electronic, with the semiconductor content playing an important role in both the tool’s functionality as well as its connectivity. The use of electronics can even give the tool an enhanced role in quality assurance.

Software is ultimately needed to run today’s most advanced screwdriving technology, and just like with a PC, it is important to perform updates to software on a periodic basis to ensure the tool is using the latest version. This in turn allows the user to profit from the latest enhancements and security patches. DEPRAG offers an easy way to update software, and by clicking on the link below, customers can access a portal which will allow them to review and order the latest version whenever needed.

Software Updates

DEPRAG Cockpit

With all kinds of electronic equipment on the manufacturing floor becoming more and more connected to a central data collection and management system, many factories are implementing IoT as a means of keeping track of equipment performance. DEPRAG recognizes the importance of such a central equipment tracking system and has developed DEPRAG Cockpit for just such a purpose. In particular, DEPRAG Cockpit is the new digital service facilitating a simple introduction to the interconnected factory. Using the DEPRAG Cockpit, the user retains an overview of various screwdriving controllers, regardless of the manufacturer.

DEPRAG Cockpit has the following important features:

  • The software enables employees to monitor production data from various assembly lines. The data from a company's different factory locations, production lines, and connected devices are collected centrally by the DEPRAG Cockpit.
  • Software for screwdriving and assembly technology
  • Reliable documentation
  • Detailed capacity and usage statistics
  • Process monitoring and notifications
  • Analysis and recognition of trends from system messages

Digital Communication Platform

The software enables the supervision and analysis of screwdriving controllers and screwdriving results. Moreover, it provides analysis tools for continuous optimization of processing and the recognition of production trends. Saving reference curves and intelligent algorithms means that potentials are recognizable at an early stage. Thanks to comprehensive documentation and automatic notifications, tool operating times can be maximized.


  • Continuous process optimization
  • Maximum reliability due to trend analysis and detection of anomalies
  • Process and device documentation consolidated in one place
  • Maximum cost savings due to recognition of potentials and early detection of potential problems
  • Intelligent software: 80% of data saving
  • Intuitive HMI – on any end-device
  • Integration of brand-independent products

DEPRAG Clamp Force Control (CFC)

Available on both the AST40 and AST12 sequence controllers, DEPRAG's CFC software is capable of producing a consistent clamp force even amid fluctuations in driving torque during the screwdriving process. Such fluctuations are possible, for instance, if the geometry of the hole varies from one screw joint to the other, or if there are variations in the screw thread's surface quality. CFC software is able to overcome these fluctuations by recognizing the point at which the screw head actually makes contact, at which point the all-important clamp force can be applied.

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