Electric Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

Electric Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

Electric Fixtured Spindles – with robust mechanical clutch!

Among DEPRAG’s lineup of fixtured spindle screwdrivers, the 342E or MINIMAT-E series stands out in that it combines an electric drive with a mechanical shut-off clutch. Given this combination, the MINIMAT-E represents an economical solution for automated workstations where use of a pneumatic tool is not desired, or where compressed air is not available. This expansion of the spindle screwdriver range has set a new standard – there is now a DEPRAG screwdriving solution available for practically every application!

The strength of the MINIMAT-E spindle screwdriver lies in the screw assembly torque range of 0.1 Nm to 4.8 Nm. Plus, high speeds of 650 up to 2000 rpm guarantee short cycle times.

The MINIMAT-E screwdriver operates using the well-established principle of the mechanical MINIMAT shut-off clutch. Use of this clutch mechanism guarantees torque accuracy of 3% standard deviation, regardless of the screw joint.

In many cases even better accuracy can be achieved, so that under proper conditions a machine capability index (Cmk) ≥ 1.67 is possible even with a tolerance requirement of ±10%. This equates to an error rate of less than 0.6 per million fastening cycles. For a further enhancement in processing reliability, the screw-in depth and screwdriver shut-off can additionally be monitored.

Depending on the application, very short cycle times can be achieved given that this screwdriver runs at maximum speed right up to the shut-off point of the clutch. In contrast, to reach their stated accuracy other controlled screwdrivers are subject to a speed reduction before shut-off.

Designed for tough industrial use, this screwdriver spindle incorporates high quality, robust system components, thus helping to ensure both reliability and a long lifespan.

The maintenance-free brushless EC drive provides outstanding dynamics and high maximum torque, ideal for a screw tightening process.

The MINIMAT-E spindle is available with either push-to-start or remote start via PLC signal. As well as fastening-to-torque, the remote start version can carry out fastening to designated screw-in depth (with optional depth sensor) or a defined loosening procedure via reversal of the screwdriver.

The options for bits and additional components such as guide sleeves or vacuum connections are designed in the same way as the DEPRAG MINIMAT pneumatic screwdriver motor size 2, allowing identical accessories to be used.

MINIMAT-E Screwdriver

Design execution: Straight
Torque range: 0.1 Nm - 4.8 Nm

MINIMAT-E Screwdriver - Catalog D3170

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