Electronic Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

Electronic Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers

Electronic Fixtured Spindle Screwdrivers - when torque acquisition is a must!

DEPRAG fixtured spindles with electronic drive fulfill the highest demands for the industrial assembly process and are the appropriate choice when trorque acquistion is required.

Within DEPRAG’s portfolio of fixtured spindle screwdrivers, spindles with electronic drive stand out due to their ability to satisfy the highest demands of an industrial assembly process. Moreover, when integrating screwdrivers into an automated cell, models within these series would be the appropriate choice when torque acquisition is required.

DEPRAG electronic spindle screwdrivers offer the following key features:

  • flexibility by being freely programmable
  • process reliability through comprehensive analytics
  • compact size
  • simple to integrate

DEPRAG's electronic spindle can be found in the following three product series:

  • MINIMAT-EC-withtransducer-based torque control
  • MINIMAT-EC-with motor-current torque control
  • MINIMAT-ED-with an on-board sequence controller

MINIMAT-EC Servo Fixtured Spindle Screwdriver

The fixtured EC-Servo screwdriver with brushless EC-motor, with associated controller AST40, offers the maximum flexibility and process reliability.

The integrated sensor-controlled torque- and angle measurement allows the exact control and regulation of the screw tightening process, as well as the documentation of important process parameters.

Given its powerful processor, the AST40 controller can even perform important real-time fastening analytics like DEPRAG’s Clamp Force Control (CFC).

MINIMAT-EC Fixtured Spindle Screwdriver

The flexible EC-screwdriver with brushless EC-motor and associated controller AST11 offers a very high degree of flexibility and process reliability.

The flexibility of the AST11 controller makes it possible to realize several different tightening parameters within just one assembly cycle.

The integrated torque and angle measurement – based on motor current – allows the precise control of the screwdriving parameters, as well as the documentation of important processing parameters.

MINIMAT-ED Fixtured Spindle Screwdriver

The digital electric screwdriver for fixtured use is available in four versions, depending on the torque requirement. It can serve as an excellent choice when an true electronic spindle is desired, but maximum flexibility is not needed.

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