DEPRAG Cockpit

DEPRAG Cockpit

DEPRAG Applications

DEPRAG Cockpit is the new digital service facilitating a simple introduction to the interconnected factory. Using the DEPRAG Cockpit, the operator retains an overview of various screwdriving controllers, regardless of the manufacturer.

  The software enables employees to monitor production data from various assembly lines. The data from a company's different factory locations, production lines, and connected devices are collected centrally by the DEPRAG Cockpit.
  Software for screwdriving and assembly technology 
  Reliable documentation 
  Detailed capacity and usage statistics 
  Process monitoring and notifications 
  Analysis and recognition of trends from system messages 

DEPRAG Cockpit

Digital communication platform

The software enables the supervision and analysis of screwdriving controllers and for screwdriving results, and provides analysis tools for continuous optimization of processing and the recognition of production trends. Saving reference curves and intelligent algorithms means that potentials are recognizable at an early stage. Thanks to comprehensive documentation and automatic notifications Operating times are maximizable.


  Continuous process optimization
  Maximum reliability due to trend analysis and detection of anomalies
  Process and device documentation consolidated in one place
  Maximum cost-saving due to recognition of potentials and early detection of potential problems
  Intelligent software: 80 % of data saving
  Intuitive HMI – on any end device
  Integration of brand-independent products