AST6 Sequence Controller

AST6 Sequence Controller

DEPRAG AST6 - for fixtured screwdriving applications to 2Nm!

DEPRAG's sequence controller AST6 is the ideal controller for fastening tasks involving fixtured screwdrivers in the low torque range of 0.02 Nm – 2Nm. Intended for use with the Size 22 screwdriver in DEPRAG’s MINIMAT-EC series, this controller excels due to its small size, color touch screen, and 100 user-definable sequence programs.


The AST6 comes equipped with standard screwdriving programs for tightening-to-torque and loosening-to-angle. Parameters can be input directly on the touch screen to suit different screwdriving tasks.

This controller also allows the free programming of your screwdriving sequences. If required, specific screwdriving programs can quickly and easily be set up using the already existing basic programs.

Large Number of Programs

Use the color TFT touch screen for fast access to the 100 programmable standard programs. Individual application profiles are freely selectable using the program number or a user defined program name (tag).

Conveniently Set Parameters via Web Browser

Use an established web browser or the touch screen to set parameters and access controller functions. Additional software is not required.

Small Size

Due to its small size this controller is particularly suitable for fixtured screwdriving applications where space for a screwdriver controller might otherwise be limited.

Storage, Documentation, and Analysis

The AST6 records the screwdriving results for the last 7 production days and saves them until they are retrieved via the ethernet connection.

Additional features include the graphic display of screwdriving graphs, integrated PLC functions, comprehensive analysis options, and facilitated integration with a DEPRAG automatic screw feeder.

A software update service is available as an option. Also available are comprehensive software packages for screw joint analysis, documentation, and process data collection.

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Sequence Controller AST6

Torque range: from 0.02 Nm - 2 Nm

DEPRAG AST6 Sequence Controller Catalog - D3165

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