Achieve High Manufacturing Efficiency with DEPRAG Assembly Systems!

Our customers operate in many different industries, such as telecommunications, electronics, automotive engineering, appliance, sanitation- or medical - and are confronted with new assembly challenges all the time. If your requirement is for a sophisticated assembly station, an automation concept based on our DCAM (modular and flexible platform), a micro-assembly system, or individual components, we develop an economical and technically optimized solution in close cooperation with you.

DEPRAG Software Upgrades & Solutions

DEPRAG strongly recommends updating your software regularly so that your application has the most updated Software for your DEPRAG product; enhanced features, and security updates are also available. Software Solutions will ensure that your device is up-to-date and you will profit from all advantages of Industry 4.0.

Eacy Feed - Vibratory Bowl Feeders for the next Generation!

eacy feed (efficient assembly communication yield) is the next generation vibratory bowl feeder.

Dramatic energy savings of 80% distinguish eacy feed devices in comparison to the previous generation of vibrating feeders, which were themselves already very energy-efficient.


DEPRAG Plus - the future of screwdriving technology

The screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus ensures the highest flexibility and can be used as a central platform for both handheld and spindle screwdrivers. The system is extremely versatile in the face of changing assembly requirements. It reduces the need and expenses of training, and the AST Manager provides intuitive operator guidance.



Step feeders system is designed for the feeding of more elongate rotationally symmetric fastening elements such as screws, threaded pins, and rivets. DEPRAG EACY STEP FEED is a feeder system of the latest generation, designed for use in both stationary and manual assembly environments, for example, in combination with a DEPRAG handheld screwdriver.

Clamp Force Control (CFC)

DEPRAG Clamp Force Control (CFC) produces a consistent clamp force when prevailing torque values fluctuate. This innovative, adaptive screwdriving process works by recognizing the head contact (seating point) and customizing the screw assembly by applying differential torque or a defined angle.

DEPRAG CFC minimizes the impact of material and connection variations that would otherwise result in failed joints. When precision and performance matter, DEPRAG CFC is a gamechanger.



DEPRAG Cockpit - Software for Interconnected Factories

DEPRAG Cockpit is the new digital service facilitating a friendly introduction to the interconnected factory & industry 4.0. Its software facilitates many unique settings and features, including IoT configuration, retrieval of operating data, process optimization, product safeguarding, production time optimation, and quality improvement.

ADAPTIVE DEPRAG FASTENING SYSTEM - An Innovative FlowForm Technology

DEPRAG has launched a revolutionary FlowForm Assembly System, the ADAPTIVE-DFS®, which has features that take this system to a whole new level. This intuitive assembly system is able to process all fasteners in the "flow"-family, such as flow-drill, flow-form-, flow-push and flow-point screws! The ADAPTIVE DFS is the market leader in Flow Fastener Technology!


ADAPTIVE DFS - FlowForm Technology

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