Industrial Tools

As an industrial user you have the highest demands for a handheld air tools such as;
grinders     polishers     drilling machines     tappers     needle scalers     impact tools     hammers     pliers     saws or other air tools
DEPRAG air tools are distinguished by their long lifespan, power density and user friendliness. Effortless performance is guaranteed, even when working on areas which are difficult to reach. If you are looking for these types of tools, you are in the right place!


Industrial Tool Products

Needle Scalers

Air needle scalers are suited for removal of slags,rust, paint layers and scales, for cleaning of castings-in building,mechanical workshops and machine-building, in automotive-,ship- industry, on oil rigs. Needle scalers are suited for removal of slags after welding seams, for removal of rust from steel constructions and tanks,for descaling, for removal of colours, for cleaning of castings, for cleaning of scaffolding,construction from facades and concrete. Ideal tools for cutting, stone carving, removal of different layers – paints, welding fluxes, etc.


DEPRAG´s comprehensive program includes die grinders with collets in power ranges from 90 Watt to 1 200 Watt at idle speeds of 11 000 to 100 000 rpm. These grinders are available in straight or angle design. Furthermore, there are radial grinders with power ranges of 1 200 Watt to 2 400 Watt at speeds of 4 000 to 17 100 rpm. Additionally, DEPRAG offers high-powered angle grinders in power ranges 500 Watt to 4 500 Watt for grinding disk diameters of 100 mm to 230 mm available from the manufacturer. Angle grinders are available with direct drive or angle gears. Belt grinders are available at 300 Watt and speed 30 000 rpm and 500 Watt at speed 16 000 rpm. For stationary use the company has a wide variety of air grinders available.


Straight and Pistol-Grip Tappers offer high-quality pneumatic tappers for the easy tapping of threads for both vertical and horizontal operations. Our pneumatic tappers are ideally suited for the tapping of threads, as well as the cleaning of threads in materials such as steel, aluminum and other alloys in automotive- and machine-building industries. The tappers are equipped with a flexible chuck that perfectly guides the tap-insert and cuts a straight thread, even if the tapper is held at a slight angle.


Air pliers are suitable for the industrial use for example in the automotive industry, in machine building industry, in the appliance industry as well as in maintenance and assembly departments. Pliers are suited expecially for the use in mass production, where a person can suffer sustained, long-lasting and monotonous stress in performing tasks such as assembling clips or cutting wires with manual tools. Such working conditions may result in RSI (repetitive strain injury). By replacing manual tools with our pneumatic pliers the workers will be protected against negative effects of mass production workplace.

Metal Shears

Professional shears fo separeting and processing of sheet easy separting of metal sheet and rolls. Robust powerful shears DEPRAG are suited for processing of sheet in different industrial areas - manufacture of car bodls, containers construction,ship-building and in repair shops. You can cut straight and curved shapes. Tools you can also use for separating of metal sheets and rolls.

Impact Tools

Robust impact tools of a new generation for industrial use- tightening and loosening of screws, nuts and bolts in continuous operations. DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL impact wrenches are suited in automotive and machine building plants, in professional tire shops, and workshops. Impact wrenches tighten and loosen screws, nuts and bolts with torques of 300 Nm to 1,100 Nm.


Our service offering goes beyond the selection of a suitable tool. The performance and longevity of our tools also depends on using the correct air connections, air distribution throughout the facility and regular maintenance. the operator´s comfort while using our tools is influenced by selecting the correct accessories.


DEPRAG CZ a.s. offers a wide range of pneumatic, handheld drills that can be applied to your specific needs. DEPRAG CZ a.s. offers straight drills, piston drills, angle drills, and stationary drills ranging from 120 W to 3,5 kW power output. The drills are applicable for drilled holes in sizes from 0,5mm to 80mm. The easy operation, ergonomic shape and high power output of these drills greatly increase labor productivity.


Robust, pneumatic saws DEPRAG you can use for cutting of different materials in large spectrum of industries – especially there, where it is not possible or suitable use saws with electric motor or fuel motor (except PPP 35 AX).


Robust hammers, handheld DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL are suited almost for all industrial areas- in quarries,building,sculpture,stonecutting, renovation and foundries.

Tools for Use in Potentially Explosive Environments - Atex-compliant

Our pneumatic impact tools - for the use in heavy-duty 24/7 industrial operations, the impact tools may also be used in potentially explosion hazardous environments. Rock drills - for manual drilling equipped with a drill bit (not supplied with the tool), for soft- and semi-solid soil, slate, clay, or other soft rocks located in explosive hazardous environments (ATEX-compliant). Our all-metal air chain saws are ideal tools for the cutting of different materials for varying applications in heavy-duty 24/7 industrial operations, such as the machine building- or in the wood-fabricating industry. The air saws can also be used in explosions hazardous environments.