Robotic Screwdriving

Robotic Screwdriving

Automatic Screwdrivers with Feeding – for robots of all types!

Whether you’re looking to use a large six-axis robot, a cartesian robot, or simply a small SCARA in your own screwdriving application, DEPRAG can provide the right screwdriving technology for the task. Please view one of the videos below to see just a few of the many robotic solutions DEPRAG can offer.

DEPRAG is now a UR Partner!

The DEPRAG Plus AST12 sequence controller has a built-in URCap which provides an intuitive user interface for the entire process – from feeding to fastener assembly. Please visit the Universal Robots site to find out more.

DEPRAG Lightweight SFM for Lightweight Robots

Multi-Spindle Automated Screwdriving Application

DEPRAG Screwdriving Function Module (SFM) for Automation

Automatic Screwdriving with Cartesian Robot

DEPRAG Compact Assembly Module (DCAM)

Adaptive DEPRAG Fastening System (Adaptive DFS)

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