NANOMAT Fixtured Screwdrivers

NANOMAT Fixtured Screwdriver

NANOMAT Spindles - for the smallest of screws!

The NANOMAT screwdriver has the smallest torque capability on the market for micro-assembly work in a variety of industries, including:

  • medical technology, for the process-reliable assembly of hearing aids and pacemakers
  • the watchmaking industry
  • the optics industry, for the assembly of eyeglasses, lenses, cameras, and microscopes
  • small consumer electronics and components, such as cell phones, calculators, game consoles, and PCs
  • precision engineering or the production of measuring instruments

Extremely small torque of 8 Nmm - 300 Nmm at speeds of 340 up to 1,600rpm are accurately achieved – and that with four different speed ranges.

Use of the NANOMAT screwdriver has many advantages, including:

  • Highly accurate shut-off clutch
    High torque-accuracy is achieved through use of the proven DEPRAG disengagement- and shut-off clutch.
  • Standardized, extremely slender design
    Due to its extremely small size, the smallest hole pattern which can accessed with two spindles mounted side-by-side is only 12 mm (0.472 in).
  • Simple integration
    DEPRAG screwdriver spindles are easy to integrate into your assembly equipment, often with very small mounting dimensions.
  • Integrated quick-change-chuck
    Allows a fast and simple bit-change.
  • Compatibility with DEPRAG screw feeder
    For the ergonomic handling of even small fasteners.
  • ESD-execution
    For the dissipation of electrostatic charge.
  • Drive size is designed to accept standard bits with 3-mm drive according to DIN ISO 1173
    The use of standard bits provides a huge advantage in both cost savings and quick availability.
  • External clutch adjustment
    The torque can be adjusted quickly from the outside without the need for special tools.
  • Uniform length
    The uniform length of all gear-stages allows for simple integration.
  • Proven DEPRAG guide-bolt system
    Features an "axial spring load" that regulates the optimum screw end-load force.
  • Screw-suction via integrated vacuum port
    No interfering external hoses.

NANOMAT Fixtured Spindle Screwdriver

Design execution: Straight
Torque range: 0.2 Nm - 180 Nm

DEPRAG NANOMAT Screwdriver Spindle Catalog - D3125

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