DEPRAG’s E-SFM – a screwdriving construction unit with electronic stroke!



The Screwdriver Function Module with electronic stroke (E-SFM) is optimally designed to react accommodatingly to complex screwdriving tasks, new fasteners, and varying assembly requirements.

Precise parameter control

  • pressure
  • speed
  • position
Process reliability

Flexible positioning of the bit enables different processing steps to be combined, improving the cycle time, and increasing your application's productivity.

Improved cycle time

Flexible positioning of the bit enables different processing steps to be combined with one another; this can improve the cycle time and increase the productivity of your application.

One system – many screwdriving directions

Whether downwards or upwards, horizontally or at a particular angle – the E-SFM can do the job without losing the fastener position.

Integrated depth sensor

The E-SFM can be flexibly programmed and is therefore suitable for various screw heights.

Suitable for lightweight robots

Due to its low weight, the E-SFM is ideal for applications in conjunction with lightweight robots.

E-SFM manager

E-SFM Manager Software allows for Simple parameterization in responsive design.


Without positioning sleeve
Without positioning sleeve

When the fastener is pre-positioned

With positioning sleeve
With positioning sleeve

When the fastener is fed via a hose and precisely positioned with positioning sleeve


When the fastener is fed using pick-and-place or via a hose and correctly positioned using a vacuum tube

For screw locations with restricted space


e-sfm combination options

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