DEPRAG Plus - the future of screwdriving technology!

DEPRAG Plus - the future of screwdriving technology

The screwdriving system DEPRAG Plus truly represents the future of screwdriving technology, as it ensures the highest flexibility and can be used as a central platform for both handheld and spindle screwdrivers. The system is extremely versatile in the face of changing assembly requirements. It reduces the need for expensive training, and the AST Manager provides intuitive operator guidance.

Screwdriving System DEPRAG Plus – One system for DEPRAG handheld & spindle screwdrivers

  • Extremely versatile for changing assembly requirements
  • Reduces training needs
  • Intuitive operator guidance with the DEPRAG Cockpit

DEPRAG Plus Connectivity

Multiple Connectivity Options

Multiple options available for interfacing with the AST12 sequence controller, including:

  • Industry 4.0 interfaces; OPC UA, MQTT, REST, FTP
  • Fieldbus interfaces EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet, Profibus

Maintain an overview of your screwdriving systems with the DEPRAG Cockpit.

This software enables supervision and analysis for assembly tasks (condition monitoring) and provides analysis tools for continuous process optimization, recognition of trends, and predictive maintenance. The DEPRAG Cockpit can even be used to supervise and analyze screwdriving systems form other manufacturers.

WLAN Client

  • Wireless connection between PC and screwdriving controller
  • Perfect for poorly accessible sequence controllers
  • External wireless parameterization of the AST12 sequence controller
  • Secure connection via https

Screwdriving System DEPRAG Plus

  • Sequence Controller AST12
  • Handheld and spindle screwdrivers

DEPRAG Plus Catalog - D3000

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