ADAPTIVE DFS, a revolutionary tool, is a game changer for the lightweighting industry.

Adaptive direct fastening of sheet metal:

The adaptive assembly unit ADAPTIVE DFS combines EC-Servo screwdriving technology with EC-Servo stroke technology


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ADAPTIVE DFS Application


The patented adaptive assembly unit ADAPTIVE DFS can prescribe and monitor the feed speed and feeding procedure. The constant data reported by the control modules enable the precise and automatic recognition of all relevant penetration points. The fastening system autonomously performs Time-critical and essential parameter changes.


DFS Closed Loop


  Highest Process integrity
  Shortest possible cycle times
  Enhanced funnel forming
  Optimized thread forming
  Lower forces on the fastener, product, and equipment
  Reduced set-up time
  Designed for new materials, fasteners, and joining methods

Optimal processing parameters, independently from the tolerances

The fastening system autonomously performs time-critical and essential parameter changes. The system ensures the ideal processing parameters, independent from the tolerances of the product or fastener. It significantly reduces the effort of preliminary analysis and characterization. Costly and extensive repair procedures - caused by imprecisely formed holes, jammed screws or ruined threads - are minimized.
The processing-parameters that are automatically optimized guaranteeing that the parts to be joined (fastener and product) are subjected to the least amount of strain. Extensive realtime process and equipment data is collect for each join. DEPRAG’s software tools allow simple analysis of the results and trends.

Top flexibility during the processing of multiple materials

Separate electronic regulation of the EC-Servo screwdriver and the EC-Servo stroke technology, in combination with the extensive parameterization possibilities, ensure the highest flexibility during the processing of various materials and material combinations.

Prepared for new materials and fasteners

The implementation of unique tightening sequences for new fasteners and materials is possible. Especially for the assembly of more modern materials such as carbon-fiber (CFRP), the controlled feed stroke allows exact positioning and transition-points to be clearly defined.
Detailed ADAPTIVE DFS technical specifications (PDF):

Brochure (pdf)     Joining Proccess Validation     Dimension Sheet


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