A/C Electric Screwdrivers

A/C Electric Screwdrivers

DEPRAG Electric Screwdrivers – cost-effective and reliable!

When a pneumatic connection is not available, this cost-effective A/C electric screwdriver with mechanical shut-off clutch can become an attractive alternative. Our range of handheld electric screwdrivers provides the customer with the familiar quality features of DEPRAG screwdriving systems, yet at a price-point that fits within a variety of budgets.

This ergonomic screwdriver is available with various functions, including push-to-start or lever start. For some screwdriver types, speed regulation is possible.

Seven performance classes cover the application areas for precision engineering screw assemblies up to M6 or 12 Nm. The torque set on the mechanical shut-off clutch has an accuracy of ±3% standard deviation. In addition, the separate electricity supply of 32V and 40V extra-low voltage ensures safe usage.

The A/C electric screwdriver is compatible with DEPRAG’s standard assortment of screwdriving bits.


Performance Features of DEPRAG A/C Electric Screwdrivers


The screwdriver is equipped with a brushless drive motor with low voltage supply. The high degree of efficiency of the integrated EC-motor results in a larger torque and speed range in a lower weight and smaller diameter screwdriver.

Power range

The portfolio of A/C electric screwdrivers covers a torque range of 0.04 to 12 Nm. High speeds of up to 1000 rpm guarantee short fastening cycle times.


Under suitable operating conditions CmK-values >1.67 are achievable with a tolerance of ±10%.

ESD capability

All screwdrivers in the A/C electric portfolio fulfill the requirements for the processing of ESD-sensitive components.

Electricity supply

The power units have a wide range of input voltages and can be used worldwide when mated with the proper country-specific power cables.

DEPRAG A/C Electric Screwdrivers Catalog - D3480

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