The best solution for your production.
Our customers operate in many different industries, for example - telecommunications, electronics, automotive, appliance, sanitation- or medical - and they are confronted with new assembly challenges all the time.
No matter if your requirement is for a complex assembly station, an automation concept based on our DCAM (modular and flexible platform), a micro-assembly system or individual components, we develop for you an economic and technically optimized solution in close cooperation with you.


Automation Products

From the fully-autonomic assembly cell, the fully-automatic assembly line, to the semi-automatic, processing secure manual workstation, we offer an enormous spectrum of automation solutions for the most different of industries:

  • Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Automotive Industry
  • Vehicle and aircraft industry
  • Appliances
  • Medical Technology
  • Machine Building
  • Sanitary Technology
  • Food Industry
  • Machine Building, etc.
Custom machine and assembly equipment since over 40-years

Through the extensive experience in the design and construction of assembly machines, our engineers have accumulated a high grade of know-how.In many cases, they can fall back on already developed solutions.

Core Product Innovation

For the development of your assembly system, we fall back to the standard components in our product line and to our extensive know-how. All components, no matter whether screwdriver, feeder, controller or processing control, are made by DEPRAG. The to each other adapted modules have been tested and proven for many years in actual mass-production environments. A fast reaction time for service calls and the comprehensive experience of our service technicians is guaranteed and so is the short delivery time on spare parts for your assembly machine.

Integration with innovative solutions for automation

As a systems supplier, we integrate many different technologies, such as ultra-sonic welding, cutting, riveting, pressing, etc. Our experience in a wide field of applications is to your advantage. You find several application examples for completed projects right here.

Processing reliability and efficiency in every assembly process.

During the design of your machine, we are especially concerned with providing a high processing reliability, best delivery times and exceptional economical. DEPRAG – Your one stop shop that assumes the responsibility for the entire system!

For the fully automatic, efficient production
  • Compact design
  • Highly durable
  • Efficient and economical
  • Short design and delivery times
  • High degree of reusability

Screwdriving, labeling, palletizing, clipping, pressing, laser inscribing, ultra-sonic welding, testing, gluing and any other functions can be realized economically with DEPRAG Assembly modules.

For the design of your assembly cell, we utilize a modular kit system:

The DCAM offer a compact working platform. The modular and flexible platform concept in connection with the freely programmable axles makes it versatile for various assembly and installation tasks.

Worldwide, are hundreds of DCAM in operation for the assembly of cell phones. They are either manually loaded by an operator or reloaded through an automatic feeding system.

A DCAM combines efficiency with the highest possible process reliability. If the order volume rises, productivity can easily be increased by employing further operators or extensions. Should production requirements change, then a DCAM can be refitted within a very short time.

A DCAM assembly platform is a good way to stay on the road to success with your production!
Additional Information:

Product Information DCAM: PDF Product Catalog D 3370

For assemblies in the smallest of work areas Micro Assembly System DCAM-XS

Flexible and processing safe Intelligent Workstations

Smart Work Benches combine the manual operation with a process reliability, that is no less accurate than the process reliability of an automatic production. DEPRAG offers a comprehensive assortment of finished standard solutions which assure that the manual workstation operates process reliable, economical and ergonomically. These proven kit-modules, which are combined into one system with a high processing reliability, allow the flexible operator change without any loss of quality.

Application Example:

A component from an entertainment module is carefully assembled using a predetermined sequence.

A process reliable and intelligent manual workstation are equipped as follows:

  • ergonomic workstation with work bench
  • part fixture with integrated sensors to supervise the correct sequence of part-loading
  • screwdriving-mask with down-hold function for the part-gentle assembly
  • Screwdriver, adapted to the customer specific application, i.e. MINIMAT-EC Screwdriver, where the torque, angle, speed, stand-by and turn-direction is freely programmable.
  • Sequence Controller AST11 with integrated power supply and already loaded standard screwdriving programs.
  • DCOS (DEPRAG CONTROLLER SYSTEM) with standard software package and comprehensive documentation possibilities.
  • New generation of screw feeding machines Series 6 with RFI-interface that allows the tagging of up to 10 different operators. The operator activates his personal data with his access chip and can go on with his screwdriving tasks at his own pace.
  • Positioning Stand (Posi-Stand) to assure the correct sequence of each screw-assembly. The screwdriver will only start if the correct sequence is followed.

If the production rates increase, it is possible to perform individual assembly steps using the compact, standardized assembly module DCAM. The intelligent workstation allows flexibility in hiring or the expansion with add-on modules at the highest level of processing reliability.

Additional Information:

Workstation equipment and Accessories: PDF Product Catalog D 3340

Positioning Stand (Posi-Stand): PDF Product Catalog D 3345

Process reliability of a manual workstation: Combining manual and automated assembly processes

Flexibility with manual workstations: Smart Work Benches

In most assembly machines, the individual components actually determine the efficiency, up-time and consequently the economics.

As an experience machine building specialist, we offer a multitude of proven, standardized individual components for system integrators.

Control Technology - Control system for machine- and processing control in assembly units: Safely control, record, document, and analyse every process.

Feeding Technology - Standardized feeding systems for the integration into your machine or to streamline and optimize your assembly process. High feed output with a simple start-up.

Measuring Technology - Elaborate measuring technology for the supervision and documentation of screwdriving steps in an automatic process. When connected to the appropriate measuring instrument, all quality-assurance requirements in regards to documentation, data-storage and statistics are fulfilled.

Screwdriver Function Modules - The integration capable, compact and functional modules for the simple integration into your machine. With comprehensive add-on functions and uninterrupted process documentation.

Perfectly coordinated stand and gantry solutions guide the screwdriving tool securely to the assembly position and take the strain off the operator. Position control systems ensure that at the right place, at the right time, the correct connection element is assembled to the correct torque.