Lose that Feedhose - A Unique Way to Assemble Flow-Form Screws

A feedhose can interfere with the rather rapid movement requirement of a robot, which in turn can cause production interruptions as well as quality issues. DEPRAG now offers a clever solution to this problem.

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MINIMAT-EC-Cordless Nutrunner and Pistolgrip Screwdriver

Cordless angle nutrunner and pistolgrip screwdriver for quality fastener assembly in tight work spaces.

Flow-Form Automation by DEPRAG

DEPRAG uses standard equipment to process flow-form fasteners

DEPRAG Cordless Impact Wrench with auto-shutoff up to 184 ft.lbs. torque

Cordless, powerful Impact Wrench eliminates cumbersome cables and hoses to allow assembly tasks in confined spaces and where a high torque requirement is a must!

Cordless Pistolgrip Screwdriver with mechanical shut-off

New pistolgrip, cordless electric Screwdriver with mechanical shutoff clutch for a torque range of 1 - 6 Nm [8.8 - 53 in.lbs.]

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