DEPRAG has launched a revolutionary Flow-Form Assembly System, the ADAPTIVE-DFS®, which has features that takes this system to a whole new level. Watch your calendar and see what we have done!

Annual Inventory

Coming Monday and Tuesday, December 12th and 13th, 2016, we will have our annual inventory at DEPRAG USA and no shipments will go in or out.

Lose that Feedhose - A Unique Way to Assemble Flow-Form Screws

A feedhose can interfere with the rather rapid movement requirement of a robot, which in turn can cause production interruptions as well as quality issues. DEPRAG now offers a clever solution to this problem.

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DEPRAG intoduces Eacy feed

Eacy feed (efficient assembly communication yield) is the next generation vibratory bowl feeder.

Eacy feed devices are distinguished by dramatic energy savings of 80% in comparison to the previous generation of vibratory spiral feeders, which were themselves already very energy-efficient.

DEPRAG introduces the revamped Minimat-ED

This handy all-rounder (MINIMAT®-ED) can be quickly and simply adapted to any screw joint. The torque required for the fastener assembly is set directly on the screwdriver at the push of a button. Up to five programs (with pre-defined torque or angle values) can be saved and selected as needed.

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The large variety of our handheld Screwdrivers provides an ideal coverage of most torque ranges.
The simple and compact air motor makes the tool lightweight and easy to operate.

Our tried and tested MICROMAT/ MINIMAT clutch is the basis for an extreme high repeatability.

We guarantee the user-friendliness and an unmatched lifespan, due to the constructive design, which is specialized for operation in a harsh industrial environment and because of our quality-assured production.

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