Memorial Day Closure

The DEPRAG USA office will be closed on Monday, May 30th in observance of Memorial Day

Lose that Feedhose - A Unique Way to Assemble Flow-Form Screws

A feedhose can interfere with the rather rapid movement requirement of a robot, which in turn can cause production interruptions as well as quality issues. DEPRAG now offers a clever solution to this problem.

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DEPRAG introduces the revamped Minimat-ED

This handy all-rounder (MINIMAT®-ED) can be quickly and simply adapted to any screw joint. The torque required for the fastener assembly is set directly on the screwdriver at the push of a button. Up to five programs (with pre-defined torque or angle values) can be saved and selected as needed.

MINIMAT-EC-Cordless Nutrunner and Pistolgrip Screwdriver

Cordless angle nutrunner and pistolgrip screwdriver for quality fastener assembly in tight work spaces.

Introducing the DFM - DEPRAG Feed Module

Perfect screw feeding with top processing reliability! 

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Q&A - DEPRAG FFS Flow-Form Screwdriving System


What parameters are important to correctly process flow-form/flow-drilling fasteners? We welcome you to read this handy Q & A session, which will help to clarify some of the most important questions pertaining to this assembly technology.


Below is a link to the detailed Q & A session that details how the new DEPRAG "FFS" screwdriving system processes flow-drill fasteners. Whether you are looking for technical details on the Screwdriving Unit itself, or just want to know more about some of the outstanding features and advantages, this information will be helpful to you.


Use this link to access the full Q & A session:

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