DEPRAG is proud to present, Feeding Technologies: Intelligent - Efficient - Feeding

Our innovative feeding technology provides ideal specifications for the sustainable production of tomorrow: with over forty years of experience & 35,000 feeders produced; DEPRAG is your one single source for quality, technical cleanliness, modular design & Industry 4.0 capability.

ADAPTIVE-DFS - the premier Assembly System for FLOW-Fastener Technology

DEPRAG has launched a revolutionary Assembly System, the ADAPTIVE-DFS®, which has features that take this system to a whole new level. This intuitive assembly system is able to process all fasteners in the "flow"-family, such as flow-drill, flow-form-, flow-push and flow-point screws! The is the market leader in Flow Fastener Technology!

E-Mobility Assembly by DEPRAG - clean & eacy

DEPRAG offers products that are especially geared towards sensitive component assembly for E-Mobility products.

Eacy Feed: Designed to operate globally and with an 80% reduction in power consumption, the next generation of our eacy feeders are essential to today’s modern E-mobility assembly.  Catalog Link 

CleanFeed: The CleanFeed technology delivers a solution for sensitive electronic components to be free of contaminating debris, dust or other interfering fragments. Page Link

DEPRAG FEEDERS are now all eacy feed - Industry 4.0

Eacy feed (efficient assembly communication yield) is the next generation vibratory bowl feeder.

Eacy feed devices are distinguished by dramatic energy savings of 80% in comparison to the previous generation of vibratory spiral feeders, which were themselves already very energy-efficient.


Annual Inventory 2018

On Monday and Tuesday, December 10th and 11th, 2018, we will have our annual inventory at DEPRAG USA and no shipments will go in or out. We will return to our regular operations on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Thanksgiving Holiday 2018

DEPRAG USA is closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th. We will return on Monday, November 27th, 2018.

DEPRAG is actively looking for an independent Sales Representative Agency in Colorado

If you need a top screwdriving- and assembly line to round out your line offering, please consider DEPRAG USA for the states of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana. Please send your line card to

Check out our new Product - DEPRAG PKS

The best processing reliability can be achieved with the use of a DEPRAG PKS - Position Control Stand or a position control gantry, which coordinates, optimizes and controls the complete production process. The stand or gantry can be operated with screwdrivers of the EC- or EC-servo series.


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The ADAPTIVE DFS in production
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